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Courier & logistics.

Vehicle solutions for an industry in motion.

As reliable as you: Our economical and low-maintenance commercial vehicles are the right choice for everyone who spends a lot of time on the road transporting a lot of cargo. Our solutions for the Caddy, Crafter, Transporter and Amarok simplify every logistics job – regardless of whether you work as a parcel service, moving company or transport commercial goods.


From the economical Caddy to the new Crafter with a high roof.

Delivering packages every day demands robust, reliable and economical vehicles. The size of the load compartment also plays a major role. From the Caddy to the Transporter to the new Crafter: our Delivery Vans offer you a load compartment volume ranging from 3.2 m³ to 16.1 m³ – depending on the vehicle length and roof variant. Options also include sturdy box bodies, folding shelving installations and interior lighting. You provide moving services or deliver furniture? Then Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has the right 2.6 to 5 tonne vehicle for you. From the Transporter Delivery Van for smaller quantities to the new Crafter Chassis with a box body: you can choose from a wide range of exceptionally efficient delivery vehicles. The large-volume delivery vans also represent an ideal solution for flexible B2B transport involving large product quantities. Thanks to the extra-wide sliding doors and optional 270° rear wing doors, the vehicles provide easy access for a forklift and capacity for up to five Euro pallets.

Our models for courier & logistics.


The Transporter.

Available as a Delivery Van & Chassis.

The Transporter Delivery Van adapts perfectly to every task: The load securing solutions in the load compartment of the Transporter Delivery Van with a high partition are state-of-the-art. Durable floor surfaces provide a slip-resistant base. With a Transporter Delivery Van with the load securing package or the Transport Chassis with the spacious box body: we offer the right vehicle for courier and logistics companies.


The Caddy.

Available as a Delivery Van.

Big, yet compact: The load compartment of the Caddy Delivery Van triumphs with its impressive volume and range of loading options. Even with the short wheelbase, it offers a load capacity of 3.2 m³, which can be expanded to 3.7 m³ with the optional Flex Plus seat package. The level load compartment is accessible through the standard metal-cladded tailgate, or the windowless roof-height sliding door on the front passenger side. This guarantees complete privacy, and can prevent break-ins.


The new Crafter.

Available as a Delivery Van & Chassis.

The new Crafter Delivery Van is a reliable partner for couriers. The Crafter features two additional lashing rings on the partition allowing you to securely fasten cargo with tensioning straps and nets. The adjustable lashing eyes are recessed to lie flush with the floor. To reduce the risk of stumbling, they can also be folded to the sides in the vicinity of the doors. Thanks to its low own weight, the Crafter Chassis also serves as the ideal platform for heavy bodies.


The new Amarok.

The new Amarok enables optimum use of the load platform because no other pick-up offers so much space between the wheel housings. On request, the load platform can also be protected with a durable load compartment coating. In addition, it also offers the widest load platform and easiest moving tailgate in its class. Optionally, you can also equip your Amarok with on-demand or permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive, from reaching those customers in inaccessible locations.

Conversions for courier & logistics services.


The Transporter with special box body.

The Transporter Tractor Head is the ideal solution for roll transport containers. Rear axles that can be lowered and the flat floor without wheel housing facilitate the loading and unloading of roll containers. Up to 9 CC containers can be carried specifically for the transport of flowers. The payload of up to 1,100 kg can optionally be increased to 2,100 kg.


The Caddy Maxi Delivery Van with high load compartment volume.

Those who frequently transport heavy or bulky goods will particularly appreciate the high payload and large load compartment volume of the Caddy Maxi Delivery Van. Compared to the Caddy Delivery Van with short wheelbase, the load volume capacity is 1 m³ greater at 4.2 m³. With the optional Flex Plus seat package, you can achieve a capacity as high as 4.7 m³ with a usable total length of 3.07 m. In order to be able to carry out your work to a high professional standard, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, working in close cooperation with leading special bodies and conversion manufactures, offer an extensive range of optionally available special vehicles based on the Caddy. 


The new Crafter with special box body.

The box body for the Crafter is the optimum solution for your courier and logistics working day. The payload for the Crafter 35 as up to approximately 1,100 kg and for the Crafter 50 up to approximately 2,200 kg. You can choose from a vast range of options for alternative load compartment access along with load securing systems such as lashing eyes, interior roof racks and lashing rails on all of the walls.


The new Amarok with „Commerce“ hard top.

The colour-keyed support transforms the 2.52 m² loading compartment into a versatile loading compartment with panelled side walls. This turns the pickup into a powerful box van. The top tailgate is equipped with a glass insert and is easy to open and close thanks to the glass struts. The sealing package protects your cargo from dust and moisture.

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