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Forestry & agriculture.

Vehicle solutions for forestry.

As powerful as nature itself: Our robust commercial vehicles with 4MOTION all-wheel drive are specifically designed to handle the demands of forest roads and agricultural environments. They can not only handle almost any terrain but also possess adequate storage space for large tools and machines. In addition, our body and conversion partners offer you special solutions.


From the all-purpose Caddy to the Dropside Van for farmers.

Agricultural operations require a versatile fleet. In addition to tractors, robust commercial vehicles with 4MOTION all-wheel drive, a large load platform and a sturdy tow bar are essential. That is why you can use our dropside vans and Amarok pick-ups to reliably and safely transport your harvest to the warehouse – or deliver goods to your market stall with a specially equipped Delivery Van. Do you work in the forestry sector? We offer robust Kombis, Dropside Vans and Delivery Vans with 4MOTION all-wheel drive for forestry work – available upon request with heavy-duty running gear, a manual differential lock and underbody protection. Volkswagen commercial vehicles are consistently designed with a focus on high durability and functionality – making them the perfect choice for hunters. All of these vehicles offer plenty of space for hunting equipment, the necessary construction materials or winter feed.

Our models for forestry & agriculture.


The Transporter.

Available as a Delivery Van, Kombi & Dropside Van.

The Transporter. The one and only: In proven Volkswagen quality and perfect for forestry and agriculture. It has been consistently designed to deliver convincing performance on a daily basis – whether in the forest, fields, gardening or landscaping. The Transporter is the only vehicle in its class available with the optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive and optional 7-speed dual clutch gearbox DSG. As a result, it has the best all-terrain capabilities in its class and also offers the most diverse range of variants in its class. Find the perfect configuration for your Transporter.


The Caddy.

Available as a Delivery Van & Kombi.

Each day brings countless new challenges, which call for frequently quick, and always professional solutions. With the Caddy Delivery Van and the Caddy Kombi you have two compact models that provide the best support in virtually every situation. Those who frequently transport heavy or bulky goods will particularly appreciate the high payload and large load compartment volume of the Caddy Maxi Delivery Van. Equipped with the optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive, the Caddy performs excellently – even in extreme weather conditions.


The new Crafter.

Available as a Delivery Van & Dropside Van.

With the new Crafter, we have built a commercial vehicle unlike any other. As a brand new development, it offers customer-oriented transport solutions with top cost effectiveness. The new Crafter has been specially designed for the requirements and demands of the diverse user groups, making it the best commercial vehicle in its class. The optional 4MOTION all-wheel drive prepares the Crafter to handle even the toughest tasks. Also in forestry and agriculture.


The new Amarok.

Safety on almost any terrain: The new Amarok is the only pick-up in its class to come with an Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, 17-inch disc brakes at the front and 16-inch disc brakes in the rear as standard. What’s more, the trailer stabilisation system provides the best possible protection against snaking trailers.

Conversion solutions for forestry & agriculture.


The Transporter 3-way tipper.

Bases on the Transporter Chassis with a double cab and 4MOTION all-wheel drive, the three-way tipper transports both passengers and materials across rough terrain to their destinations. The vehicle is designed with off-road capabilities optimized for high loads, an electro-hydraulic drive unit, and a floor lamp.


The Caddy Maxi Partition.

Whether used for business or private purposes, the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is the perfect solution for transporting both people and material. The attractively designed partition separates the vehicle into a passenger compartment and load compartment (tested to DIN 75410-3 / ISO 27956). This ensures safety if the load slips in the event of an accident and protects the passengers against dust, dirt or odours from the load compartment. The partition complies with accident prevention regulations from the BG Transport (BGV) and provides the best possible protection when used together with correct load securing.


The new Crafter Dropside Van with double cab.

For example, the standard equipment includes a 4-seater bench in the second row, steps in the front bumper and a windscreen made of heat-insulating glass. The vehicle is also available with a convincing range of optional equipment including a comfort seat on the driver's side, the Komfort Plus 2-seater front passenger bench seat with a storage compartment and folding backrest along with cup holders and a storage compartment. The Lane Assist, dropside body and flatbed with folding aluminium dropsides, an inertia safety latch and a step at the rear on the tailgate perfectly prepare the new Crafter for the big jobs in the forestry and agricultural industries.


The new Amarok with “Desert” engine underride guard.

The sealed underride guard is made of 5 mm thick aluminium with reinforcing ribs and is designed to function as a skid. It protects the engine, front axle differential housing and pivot points for the lower transverse control arm. Its design is designed especially to meet the needs of forestry and agriculture.

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