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Service & mobile workshops.

Vehicle solutions for customer service & field forces.

As agile as your job: Our reliable commercial vehicles transport you and your material quickly, comfortably and safely to wherever you have to work. Set up your mobile office or design the load compartment of your vehicle to be as flexible as you need. Our solutions for the Caddy, Crafter, Transporter and Amarok simplify your customer service and mobile service working day – regardless of which field you work in.


From the Kombi for the entire team to a material transport vehicle.

From customer to customer: Our commercial vehicles transport you and your material quickly, comfortably and safely to wherever you have to work. That is why the Transporter Kombi is available with durable robust or artificial leather upholstery along with a separate load compartment for transporting cleaning equipment, a folding ladder or a cleaning cart, for example. From the Caddy to the new Crafter, you can choose a range of effective panel vans with a variety of different load compartment sizes for material transport. Specialised equipment such as the robust laod compartment floor, sturdy side wall cladding and diverse range of lashing options allow you to configure the perfect service vehicle for your day-to-day work. In addition, we also support energy supply companies with a diverse range of vehicles. For example, you can easily reach remote destinations in the Amarok Pickup with 4MOTION all-wheel drive. For customer service on site you can equip the Caddy or Transporter Delivery Van with shelving systems for electricity meters, readers and special tools.


Our models for service & mobile workshops.


The Transporter.

Available as a Delivery Van, Kombi & Dropside Van.

The Transporter offers the largest variant diversity in its class. The Delivery Van and Kombi models are each available with three different roof heights, wheelbases and seating packages. The Dropside Van model is available with a single or double cabin and also offers a variety of different wheelbases and seating packages. Variable space for people and equipment or rather extensive space for material? Find the perfect configuration for your Transporter.


The Caddy.

Available as a Delivery Van & Kombi.

With the Caddy Delivery Van and the Caddy Kombi you have two vehicles that provide the best suppport in virtually every situation. Functional, flexible and versatile: the manoeuvrable and compact light delivery vans offer you everything you need to convey a professional image to your customers.


The new Crafter.

Available as a Delivery Van & Dropside Van.

The new Crafter Delivery Van is distinguished by the best loading capabilities and load securing in its class. The factory-fitted preparation for shelves and cupboards, the optional universal floor and the new optional internal roof rack create even greater flexibility in the load compartment. The new Crafter Dropside Van provides a convincing combination of load platform, equipment and seating capacity.


The new Amarok.

The new Amarok can transport so much. Thanks to the 2.52 m² load platform. On request, this can also be protected with a durable load compartment coating. The low loading height and the large tail board make loading and unloading especially easy. Optionally, you can also equip your new Amarok with on-demand or permanent 4MOTION all-wheel drive, from reaching those customers in inaccessible locations.

Conversion solutions for service & mobile workshops.


The Transporter service vehicle.

When converted into a service vehicle, the Transporter Delivery Van provides everything that technicians need while on the road. Various boxes and drawers serve as safe storage for consumables, spare parts and tools. In addition, a folding workbench with a vice is always at hand.


The Caddy workshop vehicle.

Two shelf units with a variety of drawers, storage trays and boxes, as well as additional LED interior lights and a lashing rail with belt on the partition, make the Caddy Maxi Delivery Van the perfect service vehicle for electricians, repair services and other craftsmen.


The new Crafter 35 Delivery Van Scania Road Assistance.

The Bott conversion solution provides you with a mobile service vehicle. In addition to the floor compartment with a swivelling hatch, the lift shelf also includes a draw, the Bott box floor along with Bott boxes and open shelves. The long material tray and an oil-proof tray specifically designed for fuel canisters provide reliable storage for your cargo. A large open shelving unit offers additional space for stowing extra equipment. Brackets for storing gas containers and hoses are also installed in the shelves. The workbench fitted with a vice provides you with a workspace in the vehicle. You can also clean your hands after finishing work thanks to the water dispenser.


The new Amarok with „Service“ hard top.

The functional, colour-keyed support is adapted especially to the needs of special industries, particularly plumbers and repair specialists, and transforms the Amarok into a workshop on wheels. The panelled side flaps and top tailgate with a glass window are easy to open and close thanks to the gas struts, providing easy access to the cargo box.

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