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The mobile fleet management solution.<br>Now available for retrofitting.

  • Vehicle management
  • Driver management
  • Dealer management
  • New: Reminder for driver licence check
  • Driver and vehicle assessment
  • New: Journey and fuel logs
  • Warning messages
  • New: Individual reminders
  • GPS tracking and graphical display of route progress
  • Data export
  • Service

The professional solution for your fleet: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles ConnectedVan.

Get going now with ConnectedVan – the mobile online service created by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles which helps you to quickly and efficiently manage your fleet. It’s very easy: the hardware needed – the DataPlug – can be quickly and simply inserted. An intuitive smartphone app serves as an input device for the drivers and transfers vehicle information to the ConnectedVan web portal. All information can be viewed there at a glance, so you always have an overview of your fleet.

This is how ConnectedVan works.

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Connect the DataPlug.

The Data Plug is an inexpensive adapter designed specifically for Volkswagen. Easy to connect, it reads out the vehicle data, e.g. the mileage, which is then transferred via Bluetooth to the ConnectedVan app and from there to the ConnectedVan web portal. Apart from the DataPlug, you just need a smartphone per driver to get going immediately with ConnectedVan. The DataPlug can be obtained from your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles partner.    

Can be retrofitted for most Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles models built from 2008 onward.
The DataPlug is your gateway to low-cost fleet management:
  • Only one-time purchase costs for the DataPlug for each vehicle
  • Full access to all services – free of charge
  • No subscription, no ongoing costs

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Transfer data via the app.

The free ConnectedVan app is an information service and constant companion for your drivers and employees. The app acts as a digital journey log and records refuelling stops. It also displays the vehicle’s warning and error messages. Recorded data is transferred automatically via a secure connection to the ConnectedVan web portal, where the fleet manager can access the easy-to-read display. The app only works in combination with the ConnectedVan web portal.    

The app provides your drivers and employees with the following:
  • Digital journey and fuel logs
  • Current vehicle information
  • Automatic data transfer to the web portal
  • New: Reminder for driver license check
  • New: Display individual reminders

Download the free app to your smartphone:

Manage vehicle data in the web portal.

The ConnectedVan web portal is the control centre for the fleet or vehicle manager. Data from the fleet’s vehicles is collected there and clearly displayed - for the fleet, individual vehicles and individual drivers. This makes it very easy to identify, e.g. average fuel consumptions, locations and the next planned maintenance appointments.

With the web portal, the vehicle manager can maintain an overview of the fleet. He can, e.g.:
  • View average fuel consumptions 
  • Locate vehicles and display route progress
  • Monitor the status of his vehicles
  • Access up-to-the-minute vehicle data

Highly secure: all data is transferred to the Volkswagen Data Centre in encrypted form.

12 convenient basic services. All completely free of charge.

Excerpt from the services portfolio.

Vehicle management.

  • Vehicle status notification
  • Current vehicle information
  • Maintenance appointment notification
  • New: Add a main driver

Dealer management.

  • Dealer overview and information
  • Favourite dealerships for each vehicle

Journey log.

  • Digital journey log
  • Automatic journey records
  • Privacy protection through encryption of private journeys
  • New: Driver specific digital driving log

Warning messages.

  • Vehicle-specific display of warning messages including description

Data export.

  • Data relating to the journey log, fuel stops, warning messages and vehicle condition can be exported and processed for each vehicle

New: Individual reminders.

  • Reminder for standard maintenance checks like inspection, general technical inspection, etc.
  • Configurable reminders for additional dates
  • Coloured labels for actual dates

Driver management.

  • Employee overview
  • Contact data, assigned vehicle, documents
  • New: Store as main driver

Driver and vehicle assessment.

  • Average fuel consumption and comparison between drivers and vehicles
  • Driver performance comparison

Refuelling log.

  • Records containing information on refuelling
  • Information on fuel consumption

GPS tracking.

  • Clear location determination for all registered fleet vehicles
  • Tracking carried out every 30 seconds
  • Detailed information and graphical display of the route progress with Google Maps functionality


  • Quick and direct contact to the service partner
  • Maintenance appointment notification
  • Support with arranging service appointments

New: Reminder for driver licence check.

  • Storage of  photographed driver licences in the portal
  • Digital timestamps for the pictures of the driver licenses
  • Active reminder for the renewal of the driver license check
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Step by step: The handling of the Services in the video-tutorial.

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