, 2019-07-05 00:05:51
Transporter Chassis

The Transporter Chassis.

The basis on which everything is built.

The Transporter is the only vehicle in its class to offer a chassis with a payload of up to 1,608 kg for a variety of different bodies. To increase the permissible rear axle load, as well as the gross vehicle weight to 3.5 t, the Transporter is also available as a tractor head which can be combined with special chassis from a diverse range of manufacturers.

The perfect body solution.

The Transporter Chassis keeps your options open: Choose from a range of tonnages, body lengths and wheelbase variants to find the ideal combination for your body. The special body of your choice can be secured easily and safely to the extremely robust hat-shaped profile frame with the help of standardised mounting points. The optional console on the dash panel with a DIN-1 slot provides a space for body-specific switches.

Advanced engine technology.

The Transporter Chassis engines of the latest generation comply with the Euro 6 emission standard and provide convincingly low fuel consumption.

Comfort on the road.

Intelligent mobile online services, high-quality infotainment systems along with modern heating and air conditioning make every journey in the Transporter Chassis highly comfortable.

Advanced systems on the road.

Innovative driver assistance and safety systems support you in critical situations and help you to avoid dangers. Look forward to a true all-round talent.

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